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M3N is NOT DEAD! A new episode is due for release in November of this year. There are some significant changes being made and you will not be disappointed. The only problem is that the episodes will be aired on Youtube and not on here. You will be notified of the change and the release of the new episodes via an animation on this account.

Don't you guys worry :)

M3N Fanart

2010-02-07 11:59:08 by Shmeecherz

WOW! After only one episode, we got our first fanart???? Jeepers.

Go to to see more of this lovely artist!

Thanks for all the support you guys have already given <3

M3N Fanart


2009-03-20 23:48:13 by Shmeecherz

New shirt design. Thinking of selling them


I'm currently doing a fandub for it so if you're interested ----- howthread.php?p=694213#post694213


2008-10-31 16:18:42 by Shmeecherz

I was Scout from Team Fortress 2.
Somebody punched out all my blood.


Male voices

2008-09-17 05:50:17 by Shmeecherz

I'd like some male voice actors that I'd be able to call on from time to time for flash projects.

The voice can't be too young! (at least 16 years old or sounding like 16)
If you're interested, PM me with a sample.
The actor also must have a fairly good quality mic. (even a usb Rock Band mic would work)


2008-08-08 15:29:44 by Shmeecherz


My art can be viewed here:

I've had NO commissions in almost half a fucking YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE just find it in your heart to buy even just ONE!
This is my only source of income so I can buy software, do computer repairs, get art supplies, cosplay, and other things I need to stay productive! I NEED This!

Please! Please! Please!
If I could get down on my knees and beg, I would! I NEED THIS!

Pricing is here: al/18505466/

Please send me a note!

Spongebob...oh god...

2008-06-21 17:59:09 by Shmeecherz

I was watching Spongebob today and in the particular episode I happened to be viewing, he did an incredibly gay thing.

1. He was driving away in a submarine with patrick. He looked back, waved vigorously and said,
"Goodbye Squidward! Goodbye Mr. Krabs"
After which, he stopped waving and started to wiggle his fingers and smile coyly and said in a lilting flirty voice,
"Goodbye Squidward..."
Patrick notices this and looks at Spongebob.
"You said 'bye' to Squidward twice."
At this, Spongebob gets a huge strange smile and says in a weird way.
"I liiiiike Squidward..."

This is a kid's show for god's sake...
I lolled thoroughly...

Spongebob...oh god...

New animations coming soon!

2008-06-07 19:51:43 by Shmeecherz

I am currently making a parody of the Move Along video by AAR
I am making an ecchi game woooohooo!!
See you guys later!

New animations coming soon!

I happen to be a jew so....yeah...

Here are some new arts! :D

Happee Hoolydeiz!

Happy Hannuka to all you Jews out there! (I know it's over but shut up)